SHARPX is a subscription-based app for booking barbers, nail techs, stylists & more. Let's take customer loyalty to the next level.

Pay Once. Book. Swipe.

The client/shop problem

You always want to look your sharpest. But for most of us, there is a balancing act between how often we're willing to spend and how long we're willing to wait before going to a shop. This is what we call the "Client/Shop Problem":

1. Clients wants to look their sharpest at all times.

2. Shops want a steady stream of clientele.

Many of us wait until its absolutely necessary to visit our favorite shop, and many shops frequently have empty chairs as they await their clients return.

What if we could strike the perfect balance that will bring you into the shop as often as you like, while also making it worthwhile for the professionals that serve you? 

 What makes SHARPX unique is that we recognize this as the largest, oldest, and original unsolved problem shared by shops and their clients. We endeavor bridge that gap.

how it works



Subscribe to Pay Once. With the subscription feature, clients buy a monthly allotment of swipes for a shop type (barbershop, nail salon, etc.). Each swipe is used to pay for services at the shop of your choice. 

Volume Discounting. The more swipes you buy, the less you pay for them.

Book Your Appointment. Eliminate the lines. Book ahead of time to know when you’re up.

 Swipe to Check In. Going out of your way to get cash, or pay ATM fees is over. S H A R P X will be integrated with trusted digital payment such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.



Repeat Business. Because client subscribers get to pick a number of swipes that they’re comfortable with, those swipes are use or lose. Do what you’re good at, and demand is no longer a guessing game.

Showcase Your Brand. Every shop and service provider discoverable in search, and has their own profile page to show off their unique brand. 

Always Know Who’s Next . The Digital Line shows which of your clients is up next. One more hassle off your hands to focus on what you do best



Frequent traveler? SHARPX swipes are good wherever there are participating shops. Whether you need a haircut in Miami or San Francisco you’re covered. Getting a shop in your area is as easy as downloading an app.